Elementis is an intensely well thought out convergence of audio and visual creative experimentalism, seamlessly combining the art work of graphic savvy style extraordinaire Clint Grierson with the music of some of the most revered music producers and sound designers from Australia and abroad. 

Elementis explores a new paradigm of technological and natural synchronicity, documenting the story of evolution and the current flaws of mankind, illuminating the interconnectedness of all things.

The music provides a fitting soundtrack, highlighting the different perspectives of the producers involved, enabling the listener to experience a journey of beauty, brutality and above all growth. 

The soundtrack starts with Mr Bill's "The Garden" ..... an ambient exploration of the deep and complex emotions that shape the human worldview, shining in its melodic clarity and technical precision. 

Whitebear draws from similar tones with his track "Fever dreams", using ambience alongside an adventurous rhythm to provide an aural representation of the whole set while eluding to the drive and constant movement of evolution. 

The EP then continues to expand with Kalya Scintilla's track "You are Divine", expressing the diversity of human nature, drawing on the sounds of Eastern culture and injecting a sense of futuristic development with his technological mystique, all the while producing deep undertones of spiritual awareness. 

Messy Mass contributes contrast with his track “Fruitcakes Are for old Ladies”, which combines a grimy bassline with a cheeky and quirky melody and robotic sounds, giving a different light, reflecting the cheeky and positive side of the human experience. 

Mus Suck's “Eternal Smile” concludes the soundtrack by summarising the twisted beauties that lie within this ambivalent society, merging sharp glitches with soothing and comforting note progressions. 

These five tracks combined show a diverse outlook on humanity, nature, evolution and the undeniable symbiotic connection between these elements, providing the listener with inspiration and insight.

The collection is introduced with a group of detailed and intricate images of divine beings; humans interconnected with nature and technology fused with powerful symbolism

"Hyrdra" depicts an angelic water nymph, with ripples of aquatic shapes flowing through seamless shades of white and blue. 

"Celestia” projects a beauteous, goddess-like face into the backdrop of stars and space, reflecting the common traits that humans share with matter external of our planet. Detailed patterns of geometric refinement stretch out into the galaxy. 

The image of "Rah" burns into the iris as the fiery Egyptian God is projected onto a sizzling desert backdrop, the tiger-like face entrancing, with the sharp and piercing glow in it's eyes that seems to represent love, destruction, fear and courage all in one glare. 

"Noospheria" shows an extravagant and smooth figure of futuristic divinity, held in an almost symmetrical pose of balance, though on closer inspection there are some inconsistencies, alluding that one we dig deeper nothing is completely even. 

"Shamanara" offers a refreshing contrast, the smooth of a knowledgeable elder encompassing wisdom in all three of his eyes, with skeletal fluorescent wings poised for the flight of change. 

"Lies" offers stark contrast to the main 5 pieces, seducing the mind with an array of disturbing and glorious symbolism, merging skulls, crosses, a rose and a perfect figure into an illumination of the relationship between beauty, death and corruption and the innevitable and perhaps imminent metamorphosis of the human mind from illusion to truth. 

Addiing another more plaful and contrasting vibe, is a series of five extra images depicting the course of ecological and ideological evolution. 

It begins with the aquatic lifeforms, a graphic blob of fish and reef-like textures amongst a starkly constrasting grey back-drop. This is the format for all five images, the next representing land creatures, with jagged shapes of flourishing green aligning with flower and plant life, complemented by drifting butterflies. In the next image, the Dystopic elements of modern humanity are revealed, the butterfly now making a much more sinister statement. The powerful connotations of the sinister images of an upside down cross, security cameras, a barbed wire fence, an anarchy fist and illuminati allusions are aligned with the powers of black, grey and red to reflect the unfortunate turns evolution has taken. The fact that this image speaks so much and sums up a story so well contrasts with it's accurate minimalism. The next two pieces in this series reflect a kind of re- evolution. First a colourful planet with biodiversity flourishing unrestrictedly and then that same framework expanded into the realm of technology, only this time looking healthy, thus presenting Utopia. ________________________________________________________________

Writeup by Sean Bradney-George


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